Father Of The Bride Speech - What To Say

The Father Of The Bride Speech is arguably the most essential and pivotal speech of your daughters' wedding day. It signifies you letting go of your little girl and trusting her husband to provide and care for her for the rest of her life. There's a good chance that you are both nervous and unsure on what to say. You want to say something that is powerful yet, you don't want the whole speech to be serious. In this article I will explain a few different things to say to make your father of the bride speech the best it can be.

1.  The very first thing about the Father Of The Bride Speech is to make sure you introduce yourself. Along with that make sure you thank your guests for coming to the wedding and making it such a special occasion. You could also throw in a humorous story to kick start your speech a little bit.

2.  Compliment your wife and make her feel special.  Showing your love for your wife in front of everyone is a powerful message to send on a wedding. It signifies what a marriage is all about, which is undying love.

3.  Talk about your beautiful daughter. Share a story about when she was young, and make a few jokes as well. You can joke about her character or habits that she has. Don't mention anything negative or something she wouldn't want the public to know. Tell her how proud you are of what she has achieved and how happy you are for her choice in the groom.

4.  Next thing is to talk about the groom and to compliment him. Mention his great personality and that you know he will take great care of your daughter. Share how they compliment each other's personalities and how he will respect her and stand up for her always. This is another opportunity to share a joke, maybe something embarrassing he has done in front of your family.

5. Toast the groom and the bride at the end. Bless them and wish them lots of happiness in the future. Keep it short and sweet.

If you need more help in writing a inspirational and powerful speech I recommend you take a look at Father Of The Bride Speech blog. It includes sample speeches, tips and techniques to save you time and aggravation.

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What to say for the Father Of The Bridge Speech.